Digital Marketing Career – Shall I or shall I not pursue?

If there is one domain which is going to get the most attention post COVID-19 is, the Digital Marketing domain. So much of tech. innovation and companies going digital had already put the Digital Marketing professionals on the forefront; however it got and going to get further boost with COVID-19 bringing a lot of change in the way the individuals and companies are going to use digital platform for consumption or supply.

Keeping this in kind, we can confidently predict that various digital marketing professionals will be on demand for quite some time and there may be a demand supply gap which can be filled by the aspiring professionals by acquiring the required skill and knowledge via formal training and certification.

We come across a lot of people who say they are digital marketers and what is annoying is, for many of them the digital marketing starts and ends with SEO. For some others it gets extended to AdWord may be. But what is going to differentiate one from the other is how good you are? In this career the proof is in the pudding.

So please Demonstrate. Demonstrate. Demonstrate…

  • What you know (High light your expertise in one area ex. You could be a master in social media marketing and no one can give better result than you using FB)
  • What you have done and what results you have produced?
  • What you can do in terms of strategy, execution and result?
  • Back it up with globally accredited certifications as a proof of competence.

Here are some of the valued certifications.

  • Google Certifications from Google Shop
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification

In a nutshell, digital marketing is going to be more in demand here after for at least couple of years, and what is important, and can be the real differentiation for a digital marketing career is the Skill not the degree.

Feel free to contact us for guidance and help w.r.t digital marketing skill development and career.

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