This course is for fresh college graduates, testers, developers and business users having good communication skills and wanting to work closely with the business users and technical team. Technology background is not required to take this training.

Benefits from this course: 
  • Job oriented training
  • Visual learning
  • Real world assignments
  • Recorded sessions
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume preparation
  • Supporting Materials
  • Job Support

CP-SAT stands for “Certified Professional – Selenium Automation Testing”.

Core Java, HTML, XML are the Prerequisite for this course, Our expert professionals will teach you from scratch with live project examples.

The Automation Testing market is growing significantly across the world, and such a strong growth pattern followed by market demand is an excellent opportunity for any IT Professionals who are interested in Testing.

As Selenium supports different operating systems along with support for different programming languages such as Python, Pearl, Ruby, PHP, .NET, C# and Java, and various browsers, thereby making Selenium the leading automation testing tool.

Most of the  companies prefer using open-source automated testing tools that will enable them to cut down the cost and effort that manual testing involves. Selenium is one such open-source automated testing tool for websites. Performance, execution speed, and browser interaction of Selenium are faster than any other automation tool. The test packages, the modes available for unattended execution and the ability to develop the test script in any language supported by Selenium make it the most popular automation testing tool.

Download SELENIUM course outlines to learn more about this course.

1.Create a class named ‘Student’ with String variable ‘name’ and integer variable ‘roll no’. Assign the value of roll_no as ‘2’ and that of a name as “”John”” by creating an object of the class Student.
2.Write a program to print the names of students by creating a Student class. If no name is passed while creating an object of Student class, then the name should be “”Unknown””, otherwise the name should be equal to the String value passed while creating an object of Student class.
3.Write a program that takes your full name as input and displays the abbreviations of the first and middle names except for the last name which is displayed as it is. For example, if your name is Robert Brett Roser, then the output should be R.B.Roser.
4.Input a string of alphabets. Find out the number of occurrences of all alphabets in that string. Find out the alphabet with maximum occurrence.
5.Write a program to delete all consonants from the string “”Hello, have a good day””.
6.A person is eligible to vote if his/her age is greater than or equal to18 Define a method to find out if he/she is eligible to vote.
7.Define a method to find out if a number is prime or not.
8.Print the following patterns using a loop :

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Benefits of Learning:


* Salary: $95K - $115K
* Job Growth: Average
* In Demand: Yes
* Open Jobs: 50K+
* Proj 10Yr Inc: 45%
* Learning Effort: Medium.
* Prerequisites: IT

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  1. My training in i2c Business Solutions is good. trainer helped me in understanding the subject well but he need more patience in training people with non IT background.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. I would say, it helped me to get into a one-track mindset.
    The course, instructor, teammate, and course coordinator all were fabulous. for me, I’ll give i2cbs Thumps up and 5 Star.

  3. I am very happy to get Shiva as my Trainer, he has all the patience and teaches the subject so well. I got a job in Selenium even before the course got over which is amazing right.
    I will refer to my friends who need any training.

  4. Instructor stimulated a lot of interest in me in automation testing. That is the biggest point of this course I would say.

  5. I am a tester. This course aided me in applying for an automation job. Now I am earning more and satisfied that I am not just a manual tester. A trainer is very knowledgeable.

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