Insights on building a career in Hadoop and Data Science

We as a training provider often come across this question. Is this course good? Is this course good for me? Is this course having a future?

Most of the time the students know the answer but they still ask this question which is more to validate or get the second opinion on what they already think about it. The questions are not different for even courses in demand such as Hadoop as well.

So to make it easier for you, here are some notes to help validate your decision on pursuing a Hadoop career

Understanding Bid Data Hadoop developer

Big Data developers develop applications in Pig, Hive, Spark, Map Reduce, etc. wherein the Hadoop developers are mainly responsible for the coding, that is being used to process the data.

Required skills for a Hadoop career

  • Analytical Skills
  • Data Mining Skills
  • Data Visualization Skills
  • Programming skills in languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, NodeJS
  • Strong understanding of SQL basics and Distributed systems is mandatory
  • Java is one of the key skills to have as Hadoop was developed using Java

Is Hadoop is a good career option

Hadoop being the most powerful tool of big data, Hadoop skills are in demand and will be in demand. It is important for the IT professionals to keep themselves relevant in trend with Hadoop and Big Data technologies for an accelerated career growth.

Hadoop Future

In 2018, the global Big Data and business analytics market stood at US$ 169 billion and by 2022, it is predicted to grow to US$ 274 billion.

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