What they do not teach in scrum boot camp

Most of the training providers delivering 2-3 days boot camps for scrum training, focus on getting their students prepared for the certification exam. From a student point of view certification is extremely important as that’s what they will use to boost their career.

While this is important, another key to a successful career growth in any field is mastering the characteristics of efficient professionals. In this case hardly any provider teaches the characteristics of an effective scrum master or a scum developer.

Let’s take a quick glance at the characteristics of an effective scum master and scrum product owner in addition to learning the subject and getting certified.

Effective Scrum Master Characteristics:

  1. A great facilitator
  2. A great communicator
  3. Must be a servant leader
  4. Focus on continuous improvement
  5. Most importantly a great people manager

Great Product Owner

  1. Must be a good story teller
  2. Must be good at delegating
  3. Must be a conflict resolver
  4. Must be an effective escalator

Most importantly a customer delighter.

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