Why Business Analyst?

Why Business Analyst?

Business Analyst is a trending role in the IT industry. You go to LinkedIn jobs and select Business Analyst role in New York City and Salary range 120k+ and you get more than 200+ job listings. So, you can imagine the huge demand we have for Business Analysts not only in US but also in the global market.

Now let us look into some of the major reasons why one should opt for Business Analyst role.

  • It’s a booming industry. – We have all witnessed how the Pandemic has resulted in making most of the traditional jobs obsolete. But need for Business Analysts is increasing like never before. As the role of Business Analysts involves tackling the challenges faced by business entity and finding right strategy to make their products or service more efficient, it’s an ever-growing field.
  • Attractive Pay Range – Like we mentioned above the salary can go up to $120k per annum. As per indeed the average base salary for a business analyst in US is $83,106
  • Recession Proof – unlike most of the jobs which gets hit during recession, business analyst role becomes more and more critical in challenging times. Hence it is recession proof.
  • Location independent – As most of the work involves working on computer it can be done online. Thus, you can work from anywhere and it is not affected by bad weather or closure of physical office locations.
  • Flexible timings – As most of the time you would be working independently on projects you can adjust your timings as per your schedule. But you need to keep in mind that there will be many team meetings and you would have to plan your work time accordingly.
  • Growth opportunity – Considering you will be interacting directly with stakeholders; you get to interact with CEOs and decision makers. This experience will definitely help you climb the corporate ladder quickly.

What are you waiting for then? If all these factors motivate you to become a business analyst just get in touch with us to know the next steps. Drop us an e-mail or call us for a free consultation to discuss how you can become a Business Analyst.

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