Nailing Virtual Interviews

When ever there is an innovation and we start using the new product or service, there is also an elimination of old product or service. Sometimes it’s clear and sometimes it happens unknowingly.

We all were familiar with online education, online ordering of food and other items, conference calls on the phone and so on. But hardly did we ever think we would be going for online doctor visits!! But here we are where everything is online. Thus, we need to realize that when it comes to facing interviews it is going to be virtual. Because even if things go back to normal and people start working from office, there is no need for calling the person to office for an interview even before understanding whether that person is the right fit for the organization. Online interviews will save time for the participants and can give the flexibility to post pone as per the convenience for the employers. Also, employers need not have to worry about candidates’ conveyance and accommodation.

Now that we know online interviews will be the norm from now on, its important to prepare for the online interviews rather than in person interviews. It is not very difficult to ace an online interview if you follow these simple steps. But not following these simple steps can mean losing the great opportunity.

Creating a stress-free atmosphere for the Online Interview

  • First and foremost, make sure to update your online and offline calendar with interview details.
  • Buying a laptop and getting good internet connection is a must. Its more important than buying a two-wheeler 😊 Here you can eliminate your two-wheeler and buy a laptop if you still do now own one.
  • Download and run the relevant software or app used for the online interview. Its better to have popular video call apps like zoom, teams and Webex installed in your laptop and smart phone.
  • Depending on your lifestyle make sure to have one disturbance free, well lighted and charging point accessible place for your interview.
  • Make sure to turn off all notifications from any devices like alexa and google mini. Keep your smartphone on mute during call but keep it handy in case there is some network issue and if you need to answer call from interviewer.

Facing the Interview

  • Login one hour early to the app and check all audio and video is working properly. Set the right angle for the screen so you are properly visible.
  • Always keep your video on before joining the interview. It gives the message that you are bold and confident.
  • You should be well versed with all online tools like muting yourself, using digital gestures, chat option and share screen etc.
  • Even though interviewer can see only upper half of your body, its always important to dress top to bottom as if you are attending an interview in person. This will boost your spirit and avoid any awkward situation if you happen to stand up for any reason like getting water bottle, or putting the laptop charger etc.
  • Always be punctual. If you are not allowed into the call at least 5 minutes before the interview, call them or mail them and let them know you are waiting. Sometimes you might be in the wrong place.
  • Do not keep any notes near you or do not keep any windows open. You should not give a wrong message that you are looking for information in the net to answer questions.
  • Keep an empty notepad and pen near you in case interviewer happens to ask you to write something and show. If you are comfortable using online whiteboard you can always use it with the permission of interviewer. This will show that you are technologically savvy person.
  • Speak clearly and loudly. Use headphone only if you are sitting in a place with background noise.
  • Dress properly and make sure half of your body is visible and you are not very far away from or very near to screen.
  • If for any reason you are disconnected and connect back, do not get stressed. It happens to everyone. So politely say sorry for the inconvenience and mention you had network issues and continue with the interview.
  • Answer the questions like you would answer in any personal interview then after the interview is over thank everyone and leave the meeting room by clicking leave. As the panel might stay there for more time to discuss among themselves or they might have next candidate joining in.

Follow up

  • Do not forget to send a follow up mail or WhatsApp message or phone call depending on how the HR interacted with you.
  • Just cross check if anything else is needed to be sent from your end and ask them when you can hear back from them.

We wish you good luck for all your Online Interviews.

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