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How to Overcome Career Change Blues

Do you wish to change your career but fear consequences? You are not alone. Most people who dream of changing their careers do not take the first step due to many reasons. Today let’s discuss why most of us are afraid to switch our career path and how to overcome that fear.

What stops us from taking the plunge?

  • Leaving the comfort zone
    You might be feeling this is not the right job for you, or you might have started liking a new field but still unable to leave the current job. This happens when you have been working in the same industry or organization for long time. You feel you are familiar with people working there, you have got used to the organization culture, and you know the work very well. In contrast to this, joining a new organization in a new industry can mean need to prove yourself to everyone. You might feel will they accept me? Will I be comfortable working there.
  • Fear of failure
    The next thing that stops you from changing career is fear of failure. You might feel a bird in hand is better than two in the bush. You might start doubting yourself as to if you will be successful in the new job.
  • Peer Pressure
    Peer pressure can affect some of us. Our friends and family might feel its safer to continue in the current profession. They might be feeling its risky to make a career change.
  • Fear of being too old to change the career
    Some of us might also think ‘I am too old to make a change now’. There might be many question marks as to can I learn a new skill at this age? Will I be able to go through the process of sending resumes, facing interviews and working with new people.
  • Fear of losing progress
    If you have worked for a considerable number of years in a career path, you might be feeling you are almost near to next promotion. Is it wise to change career now? Will I be given due weightage to depending on my experience? Will I be losing all the progress I have made so far? These questions can bother you.
  • Fear of making the wrong choice
    Finally, you might be thinking what if I am making the wrong choice? What price I would be paying for that if I must switch back to my original career?

All these types of fears are not at all uncommon. In fact, you should have some of those fears which you can use as a tool to succeed in the next role you would be embarking on.

Now let’s try to understand how to overcome these fears.

  • Acknowledge the fact that it’s okay to have self-doubts
    Its normal to have self-doubts. When we doubt ourselves, we try to prepare in a better way. It also shows that we are serious about our choices.
  • Explore your fear and raise your self-awareness
    You should try to understand why you are afraid. Note down the points which you are afraid of and points which motivate you to make a career change. Then you can try to address each reason for fear and find a solution for the same.
  • New and welcome challenges
    Look at the positive aspects of career change. You will be meeting new people; you will learn new ways of doing work. You will have challenging tasks which will keep you on your toes. Your professional network will also expand.
  • Better Growth opportunities
    New experience adds more value to your resume. Even if it is a different industry, you can always make use of the experience you have had in your previous jobs. See what skills overlap in your previous job and the future job. You can feel more confident now that whatever change you are making is not entirely new.
  • Do some research
    Do some research on the career change you are planning to make. Understand the industry, the organizations, the major players of the industry. See what skills you already have to succeed there. Things like communication skills, mathematics, business skills and many others can be used in all industries.
  • Speak to a career consultant
    Speak to a career consultant and check what certifications are needed. How can you be better prepared for this career change. If you do all this homework before switching, there will be nothing to be afraid of when you are making that career change.

Do you want to change your career and do not know where to start? Does the IT industry interest you? Then do join our WhatsApp group for more tips and helpful resources. You can also book a free consultation with us using this Calendly meeting link. We wish you all the best for your career progression.

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