“Scrum Career Overview”

Primarily the IT Companies and later other companies from wide range of industries have started transitioning from traditional waterfall project management practice to agile project management practice couple of years back. It took a lot of effort and time to bring the agile practice as this required a lot of behavioral change. One of the leading agile methodologies was Scrum and today more than two third agile methods used by the companies in the USA are either Scrum or some variants of Scrum.

Scrum is a popular and fast growing profession with wide range of possibilities for professionals with Scrum Certification. This is actually a lucrative road to employment opportunities. We are happy to list down answer to some of the questions that comes to the minds of the aspiring Scrum Professionals.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is the most popular agile methodology that uses simplest process to for agile development while enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the project. This is relatively seamless, takes iterative approach and makes the progress evolving to changing business goals and scenarios.

What are the certifications?

Scrum Developer
Scrum Master
Scrum Product Owner

Must have skills to succeed as a Scrum Master?

Fundamental understanding of Scrum Terms and Definitions
Familiarity with agile practices and development environments
Familiarity with iterative development and incremental delivery
Communication is one of the key skills to possess in a scrum environment

What are the potential role maps for the professionals with Scrum Certification?

Scrum Developers grow to become Scrum Masters and Scrum Masters move into role of Product Owner but not restricted to this only. They also move to other roles in Product Management, Project Management, Program Management, and Technology Roles and even to agile coaching.

Who needs or hires for the professionals with Scrum Certification?

Though Scrum as a practice started for software development, by now it is widely accepted by wide range of industries for their project management practices bringing higher project success rate and better compensation for the practitioners.

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