“Post-COVID Employment Essentials”

While COVID-19 have significant impact on various aspects, it has done one thing for sure is, it has accelerated a lot of change such as digital adoption, technology innovation etc. What this means is there will be a need for career transition for many professionals.

To stay relevant and strengthen employment opportunity, professionals need to understand the need in the post COVID-19 economics. Here are some guidelines.

#01. Stay Relevant: Assess your strength and interest to find the skill you need to sharpen or specialize

#02. Build credibility: Specialize on one thing and get yourself certified to cut through the competition and establish credibility.

#03. Broaden Horizon: While you specialize in one thing, learn couple of other things as well

#04. Increase Marketability: Widen your network, increase your reach, and stay connected with many

Some of the top business and IT career certifications that are offering numerous job opportunities and can help jump start are as follows.

  1. Software Development (Programming) such as Full Stack Developer, Java and/or Python
  2. DevOps
  3. Cyber Security
  4. Cloud Computing
  5. Machine Learning and AI
  6. Data Science tools such as Hadoop
  7. Agile Project Management using Scrum
  8. Business Analysis to ensure the need is translated to near perfection models
  9. Digital Marketing

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