“Critical Training Provider Choice”

In the current scenario everyone is talking about skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling. Certification courses are in most demand as professionals are focused towards staying relevant in the post covid economy. But the key to success is choosing the right training provider who not only help you just earn the certificate but also help you have depth learning of the subject.

Is there any thumb rule in choosing the right training provider? Not really but let’s understand the fundamentals of it.

Do you remember your first teacher? Most likely yes and it is because he/she had a great role to play in influencing your learning habit and thus putting the foundation of your career. Now imagine your career as a multi storied building and you need proper foundation at particular levels.

Now that you are an experienced professional and decided to make the career you want, you have decided on skill sets that would help you make your career. It’s time to choose the right training provider.

Here are some of the checklists that would be helpful in choosing the right

  1. Understand your learning style
  2. How much time you have for learning
  3. Do you prefer formal learning or informal learning
  4. What is your budget

Shortlist 3 providers based on these check list and then check for the following

  1. Demo access or class
  2. Content quality
  3. Instructor quality
  4. Student feedback

This should help you choose the right training provider. Do you need help with getting right instructor? Let us know

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