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i2c Trainings offers Core Java online training by trainers who have expert knowledge in the Java and proven record of training hundreds of students. Our Java training is regarded as the best online training by our students and corporate clients. We are training partners for corporate clients like IBM. We train students from across all countries like USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, Australia, India. Our Java training is your one stop solution to Learn, Practice and build career in this field at the comfort of your Home with flexible class schedules.

Benefits from this course:

  • Job oriented training
  • Visual learning
  • Real world assignments
  • Recorded sessions
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume preparation
  • Supporting Materials
  • Job Support

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24 reviews for JAVA: Virtual Live Class

  1. devika

    Thanks to i2c for providing me a good quality of training and trying for placement. I have gain a good experience from you guys and my trainer Siva is awesome. Thanks again

  2. ajith

    I have attended JAVA training in i2c training. My faculty was Mr.Srinivas, The real time examples that he gave helps alot to understand the technical aspects. He conducted many doubt clearing sessions that provides better understanding about the programming. He provides much information regarding Interview aspects. Thank you Srinivas for your support.

  3. zee

    its zee i have completed my java training from i2c training the instructor is very good, I got my updated resume & done with mock interviews. but till know i dint got any placement.

  4. Priya Mohan

    Had a great time in i2c training learning about Java and it’s advanced concepts. My trainer was Siva sir and he cleared all the doubts one on one and gave great training.

  5. Naag arjun

    It was extremely helpful to understand shell script.
    quality of the content is good.
    exceeded my expectation and now I started to write own scripting thank you very much for your very valuable training.

  6. Sneha Yadav

    Fantastic and really useful course. I really learnt a lot from my trainer Siva from i2c training.
    He made me to understand the concept with brilliant practical examples.
    Its really a good learning experience.
    My heartly thanks to i2c training team and my trainer.

  7. Samrat Binde

    I have completed Java course. I got to know the basics. good practical experience

  8. Atif

    After my training, it took me about 4 weeks to get a job as I needed to practice a lot and prepare for interviews. Salary is low but its ok. Their Job preparation webinars is excellent where they conduct mock interviews until you are perfect and ready to apply. When I applied for a job, companies were asking for more than Java – I had to take trainers help to learn basic SQL/Javascript. I hope they can provide packages in future – like Java/SQL/Javascript/Methodolgies etc., Just getting trained is not enough – you must be dedicated and work hard. Java is evergreen field and has good career.

  9. Rajesh

    My overall feeling about this course is that it is good – It can be excellent if more projects can be provided by the trainer; however he gave lots of homework.

  10. Jeevan

    I liked the pace of the training – trainer had lot of patience in teaching us basics as I am from Visual basic background. I am working as an intern currently, found a job through the on campus recruitment. I will take python and other courses from them in future – Hoping to grab a high paying job in future.

  11. Uzair

    Good training – All concepts covered and practical assignments; Trainer helped me prepare for interviews and I got a job as a junior developer.

  12. Imran

    Trainer was excellent, marketing was a bit slow but they got me a job. I am working as a programmer/analyst at JPMC. I will take management certifications training with them.

  13. Sohaila

    I took the demo from 3 to 4 trainers and found Srinivas as an experienced and very knowledgeable trainer. I signed up for the training with this company, The coordinator was very professional and kept me informed of the schedule etc. The training material is good, I learnt a lot, the trainer gave many assignments. Sometimes he started the session 5 to 10 mins late as he is currently working. I recommend you to enroll with them – you won’t be disappointed and their rates are appropriate – I had done lot of research before signing up. I got a job as a junior developer with a salary of $55K If you have any financial difficulty, check if you qualify for their installment program. Good Luck

  14. Ansar

    Practical training – Training materials is in-depth and recorded sessions provided on time. I recommend this institute.

  15. Ece

    I have just finished my Java training. First thing I want to say how great, clear and patient my instructor Sreenivas is. He can answer your questions and be your guidance whewer you need. Fahim, as my supervisor, he was also helpful and clear for any other issues related to your future your paper work. The course was good enough, however, we did not get number of assignments. Overall, it was a good experience.

  16. Selvi

    My training experience was good – no complaints, I didn’t get a job yet as I had to take a break after the training due to travel. I have their recorded sessions, I hope to get a job soon.

  17. Reshma

    I really had difficulty understanding OOPS, Encapsulation etc., The trainer gave lot of practical examples, and demonstrated all these difficult concepts while writing the code and gave good, easy to do assignments. I feel confident now, that I can be a programmer, Yay !!

  18. Mona

    Overall, good experience. Course is hands on and in depth. We did a project. Strongly recommend this institute.

  19. Krupa Rani

    Hi Sameer,

    I just want to say thank you for giving me training in JAVA and marketing my profile so I can get the better job in Programming profession. I got the job and it’s all because of you and your team effort. I really appreciate your help that you were guided me from the very beginning. I also want to say thank you for organized the mock interviews that really helped me to crack the interview process. Thanks again.

  20. Pavitra

    Course Material provided helped a lot to prepare for interviews. I got the job now as a junior programmer. We did have audio issues in the class couple of times, otherwise good experience.

  21. Sireesha

    My ability to understand the fundamentals of programming has increased. I liked the way the trainer started with basics patiently and then moved on to advance topics. I am very confident of working as a programmer now. I felt very comfortable in asking any question to the trainer.

  22. Siddiq

    I liked the daily recap of the previous day’s class and homework review. I had no choice but to dedicate some time in completing the assignments. A good approach I would say to make students learn efficiently and not just be silent listeners in the class. Mock interviews are very helpful by the trainer.

  23. Shaina

    One thing that impressed me about the course/trainer is if I have a question (even before enrolling), there is always a quick response. This is critical in online when the distance is involved. Trainer and the coordinator are very good about getting me through all issues (connectivity/etc., ) and keeping in touch even after the course.

  24. Deena

    Good. The trainer prepared us to carry out skills and apply in the real world. Had no issues throughout the process with this company, keep up the good work. What I have learned in this course, I will be able to apply in the real job. Preparing for interviews now.

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